The function and missions of the Department of Personnel Management are stipulated in the Decision No. 428 / QĐ-ĐHV, dated 21 April 2016 by the President of Vinh University (VU). As follows:

The Department of Personnel Management is responsible for advising the President of VU on the organization and personnel affairs, including advising on the organizational structure of the University; Planning, training, fostering, disposing, recruiting, employing, evaluating and managing personnel; consolidating the organization of the management apparatus; ensuring the timely and proper implementation of the Party's and State's regimes and policies toward staff and faculty and well performing the task of protecting the internal politics at the University.


1. Organizational affairs

1.1. To formulate a scheme on the establishment, merging, splitting and dissolution of the organization, ensuring that the apparatus of the University is morre focused and specialized in conformity with the current mechanism.

1.2.To lead the work of consolidating the organizational structure of the University, establishing councils, consultancy groups, committees and subcommittees operating at the University.

1.3.To assume the prime responsibility for formulating the organization and operation regulations, defining the functions and missions of all divisions and the regime of decentralization of the University's management.

1.4. To prepare and submit to the President  the documents and regulations of the higher level conformable to the actual situation of the University.

1.5. To coordinate with the Department of Administrative Affairs to reform the administrative procedures in order to operate the University effectively and effectively.

2. Personnel affairs

2.1. To coordinate with the Personnel Department of the Party Committee in elaborating personnel planning in service of the immediate jobs and long-term development strategies of the University according to the prescribed ranks and grades.

2.2. To assume the prime responsibility for training and fostering staff, improving their professional qualifications up to prescribed ranks and grades, meeting the development requirements of the University.

2.3. To study the arrangement, transfer and change of staff positions upon the request of the University.

2.4. To plan and organize the recruitment of staff annually, supplement staff in sufficient quantity and good quality.

2.5. To monitor and inspect the employment norms, organize the evaluation and classification of staff, and conduct the commendation and discipline of staff.

2.6. To manage staff’s records, CVs, card, directory and social insurance books.

2.7. To take the main responsibility for organizing the implementation of the consideration of the titles People's Teacher and Eminent Teacher, Professor, Associate Professor and other noble titles; recruitment and selection of staff, and ranking upgrading of staff according to the decentralization.

2.8. To coordinate with the Party’s personnel Department to nominate leaders of all grades according to the regulations.

3. Remuneration and rewards

3.1. To list the salaried employees to pay salary and salary-related remunerations, monthly additional incomes, and to confirm the extracted amount from the salary to pay social insurance.

3.2.To propose the creation of committees and organisations to consider annual increase of salary, seniority allowance and special previlegeous allowances to staff.

3.3.To manage the implementation of professional trials and all personnel affairs related to remuneration and salary scales.

3.4.   To assure all legal leaves to staff: maternity, poisoning work allowance, professional allowance, labour safety, labour accident, short-term or long-term diseases, etc.

3.5. To elaborate institutional administrative documents related to remuneration and rewards in favour of the staff; to adjust internal speding  regulations.

3.6. To be responsible for dealing with regimes and rights to staff before retirement, invalids and relatives of revolutionary martyrs.

4. Internal politic security protection

4.1. To cooperate with the department of student affairs to assure the internal politic security protection; and with other local authorities to insure the internal politic security protection.

4.2. To supervise and educate mistaken staff.

4.3. To cooperate with the Party’s Supervisory Committee to discover those who violate the law or do the wrong things upon the regulations and law.